Sculptures & Crosses

Sculptures can be from inches tall to towering over head and anything in between. Over the past 15 years I’ve been bending toward working more with metal and concrete but still enjoy the feel of wood and incorporating it into some pieces.

Scotty's Provocative Sculpture Refuses to Be Ignored

“Hanging from a Sycamore branch hovering above the boundary between I-240 and Haywood Street Congregation, Scotty's provocative sculpture refuses to be ignored by the distracted commuter or the unhoused congregant. Screaming through steel, Scotty uses his medium, not for apolitical beautification or inconsequential adornment, but rather to visually assault the viewer into action, to publicly undermine our racist tendencies, to confront us with the need to change until state sanctioned lynchings are no more.”

Rev. Brian Combs, Pastor
Haywood St. Congregation